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HP Web Jetadmin
When this application installer executable is run, version 10.5.115586 of HP Web Jetadmin is installed on your system. This newer version of HP Web Jetadmin supersedes all previous versions.
HP Web Jetadmin revision history is available in the HP Web Jetadmin Late Breaking News link provided below. HP strongly recommends upgrading to the latest version of HP Web Jetadmin. The installer executable can be run over an existing copy of the HP Web Jetadmin application.

Important details regarding HP Web Jetadmin can be accessed through the following links:

HP Web Jetadmin Late Breaking News

HP Web Jetadmin Installation and Setup Guide

NOTE: HP Web Jetadmin might not be localized at every software release. If a software release is not localized, some of the new content in the software and Help for that release might be displayed in English while other content is displayed in the language specified by the Region and Language settings.

After the software is downloaded, run the installer executable. This installer can be run either on a system where HP Web Jetadmin has never been installed or as an upgrade over an existing HP Web Jetadmin installation. Be sure you have backed up your existing HP Web Jetadmin installation before performing any upgrades. Follow the installer prompts to complete the installation.

HP Feature Packs
Feature Packs are a new mechanism introduced in HP Web Jetadmin 10.3 SR8 that provide manageability support for new device features and address configuration options that are missing in HP Web Jetadmin, but are available in the EWS. Feature Packs are available as signed HPb (HP Binary) files.
Feature Pack 17 is pre-bundled with HP Web Jetadmin 10.5SR2 and can be installed and is supported on from SR8 to SR10.5. Installation on older HP Web Jetadmin versions is not supported and has not been tested by HP. To download Feature Pack 17, click Select on this page.

Important details regarding the Feature Packs can be accessed through:

HP Web Jetadmin Feature Pack Readme

HP Proxy Agents
Proxy agents are client-side software that allow HP Web Jetadmin to discover and manage devices that are directly connected to a PC. This software is capable of passing the same types of data to PC-connected devices that is typically passed to network-connected devices.

The two proxy agents included in HP Web Jetadmin are HP SNMP Proxy Agent (version and HP WS Pro Proxy Agent (version 10.5) . Each proxy agent has a separate installer and can be installed on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. Important details regarding the SNMP Proxy Agent can be accessed through:

HP Proxy Agents Readme

HP Web Jetadmin Upgrades
Upgrades from earlier versions are supported. HP tests upgrades from the previous three versions to the current version. Upgrades from earlier versions to the current version in one upgrade step are not tested.

To download the HP Web Jetadmin software or any of the packages listed, click Select on this page.

Subscribers Choice Alerts
Get customized driver alerts and product information including information about new HP Web Jetadmin releases at: Subscribers Choice for Business. Create an HP Passport account and customize Alerts messages for a variety of HP products.

Find More Information at go/webjetadmin
Information about HP Web Jetadmin, including white papers, FAQs, installation guides, and other details, can be found by visiting the pages linked here:

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