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HP Scitex Production Analyzer Trial License

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Become more efficient through deeper understanding of your production gaps and trends.

HP SmartStream Production Analyzer for Scitex (Trial) enables you to achieve full, automated monitoring of your print production and gain a greater understanding of your production gaps and trends. Acquire the insight you need to decrease waste, improve margins, maximize workforce efficiency, reduce printer and personnel downtime, and to learn the true cost of your prints. Gain real-time and historical visibility into your printer activities to determine if you use your presses to their fullest potential. Generate greater production efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

Features and Benefits
This is a SaaS application that provides visibility to the production floor. It contains the following main capabilities:

  • Web tool with Easy-to-use interface
  • Automate accurate data collection from the press
  • Understand your current and historical production gaps and trends
  • Enables to monitor the production floor from a dashboard in real time
  • Accessible to production operations anytime, from anywhere

Production Analyzer Prerequisites:

SW & HW compatibility*

  • Printer connected to the internet with Print Care SW version 1.1 & up
  • Ink consumption reports are not available for TJ8XXX printers

Ink compatibility

  • Production Analyzer is designed to work with HP inks providing accurate ink consumption data.
  • Working with non-HP inks will result with inaccurate reporting and HP will not be accountable for inaccurate reports.
  • As a result, HP reserves the right to cease Production Analyzer Services in case of non-HP ink in use.

*In case of H/W or S/W incompatibility please contact your local service representative.

Additional product information
Product #: CP401AT
Version: -
Software specification: HP Scitex Production Analyzer Info
HP Scitex Production Analyzer Getting Started Guide