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HP SmartStream for HP PageWide XL and HP DesignJet -Trial Version

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Product details & specifications

This product is a 60 day free trial license of HP SmartStream for HP PageWide XL and HP DesignJet printers with full functionality. You can use more than one printer and run HP SmartStream on more than one computer. At the end of the 60 day instant-on trial period you will need to contact your sales representative to purchase the licenses needed to use this software.

HP SmartStream for HP PageWide XL printers and HP DesignJet Production printers is a professional software solution that helps improving your productivity and operator efficiency, while expanding with color production. Now, your large format production workflow will be two times more efficient¹ for both monochrome and color without changing your current workflow.

1 Conclusion based on an HP internal test measuring the time required to extract pages from a 50-page document and print them using several printers compared with using equivalent software programs.


Computer hardware and software

  • Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz with 4 virtual cores/threads or equivalent or better processor
  • 4 GB of RAM, or more
  • 3.5 GB of free space on hard disk, or more, plus 100 MB for each additional printer added
  • Screen resolution of 1280 × 1024 pixels, or more, tuned or calibrated to sRGB for optimal Crystal Preview performance
  • Ethernet network, IPv4 or IPv6, 100 Mb/s or faster
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later (32- or 64-bit)

    Ensure that your computer is connected to the same subnet as your printers. Otherwise, ensure that computer and printers are able to communicate through the 8080, 8085, 8086, 9100 TCP, and 161UDP ports.

Supported printers

HP Smartstream currently supports the following printers:

HP PageWide XL Printer series

HP DesignJet Printer series

Non-HP Large format printers (Océ, KIP, Xerox, Ricoh)

  • Océ TDS600/700/750/800/860
  • OcéColowave 600-650-500-700
  • Océ PLOTWAVE 750/900
  • KIP 5000 – 5000 MF; KIP 7000 – 7000 MF; KIP 7700 – 7700 MF; KIP 9000 – 9900 MF
  • XEROX 6279
  • XEROX DOCUWIDE 6035 MF/6055

In order to download the license of HP SmartStream for a Non-HP Large format printer, please click HERE.

Note: HP SmartStream Trial license supports only PostScript printers. If your printer requires an accessory to handle PostScript, you must install the accessory to use the printer with HP SmartStream. For further up-to-date information, see or

Ensure that your printer has the latest firmware version installed, following the instructions in your printer documentation; or see , where model is the model number of your printer (such as T7200).


In order to use HP SmartStream Trial Version, you must download the following:

  • HP SmartStream application (32 or 64 bit) that may be installed on multiple computers. Start the installer, and follow the instructions on the screen. When the installation has finished, start the application.
  • HP SmartStream Print Controller license corresponding to your printer model. For more information on how to install this trial license, please download the Installation Guide.
Additional product information
Product #: HPDesignjetSS-Demo     
Additional info
Version: -
Software specification: HP SmartStream application 32 bit
HP SmartStream application 64 bit
HP SmartStream Print Controller for HP PageWide XL Printer Series
HP SmartStream Print Controller for HP Designjet T7100/T7200 Production Printer
HP SmartStream Print Controller for HP Designjet T3500 Production MFP
HP SmartStream Print Controller for HP Designjet Z6200/Z6600/Z6800 ProductionPrinters
HP SmartStream for HP PageWide XL and HP Designjet printers - User Guide
HP SmartStream for HP PageWide XL and HP Designjet printers - Installation Guide