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Download HP Web Jetadmin, HP Feature Packs, and HP Proxy Agents

HP Web Jetadmin

Count on powerful web-based printing and imaging management that is fast, easy, and reliable. Install, configure, troubleshoot, and manage both HP and non-HP networked devices. Download HP Web Jetadmin to either upgrade an existing version of HP Web Jetadmin or install new on a Windows system. HP Web Jetadmin is available as a 64-bit installer. To download HP Web Jetadmin 10.5 SR5 pre-bundled with FP21, click Request on this page.

HP Feature Packs

Feature Packs are a new mechanism introduced in HP Web Jetadmin 10.5 SR4 that provide additional manageability support for new device features and address configuration options that are missing in HP Web Jetadmin without having to perform a full service release installation.
Feature Pack 21 (1.21.117721 version) is supported (and been tested successfully) on from HP Web Jetadmin 10.3 SR8 to 10.5 SR5.
Feature Packs are available as signed HPb (HP Binary) files.

HP Proxy Agents

Proxy agents are client-side software that allow HP Web Jetadmin to discover and manage devices that are directly connected to a PC. This software is capable of passing the same types of data to PC-connected devices that is typically passed to network-connected devices.
The two proxy agents included in HP Web Jetadmin are HP SNMP Proxy Agent (version 10.4.0) and HP WS Pro Proxy Agent (version Each proxy agent has a separate installer and can be installed on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.
Specific details about the software in this listing can be found by visiting or by clicking the Installation link on the bottom of this page. To download HP Proxy Agents, click Request on this page.
To learn more about software licensing that expands HP Web Jetadmin functionality, visit and then click section Manuals and whitepaper HP Web Jetadmin - Database Views in HP Web Jetadmin. To request a license click the License Request link.

Subscribers Choice Alerts

Get customized driver alerts and product information including information about new HP Web Jetadmin releases through Subscribers Choice for Business. Create an HP Passport account and customize Alerts messages for a variety of HP products.

Download Instructions

To download the HP Web Jetadmin software or any of the packages listed, click Request on this page. You will be directed to a short survey after which you will receive a download confirmation plus confirmation number (for example, 4100XXXXX) both in your browser and through an email with subject text: HP Order Fulfillment Electronic Delivery Confirmation. Your confirmation will remain active for 120 days and can be used for subsequent downloads. If you already have a confirmation number, use the Electronic Download item on this page (left-ha nd navigation area).

Información adicional del producto
Nº de producto: J6052AA
Versión: 10.5 SR5
Especificación del software: HP Web Jetadmin 10.5 SR5 - 64 bit SW (J6052-10625.exe)
HP Proxy Agents Zip File executable (J6052-10628.exe)
HP Web Jetadmin Feature Pack-21 (J6052-10626.HPb)
Feature Pack XTP Tickets FP21 (
Instalación Asistencia